Planet of the cows
A place where all the living beings are happy
Report № 1. Construction of the open shed for the cows. We've purchased the first batch of the boards.
March 5th, 2019

So far we have sold 25 "Moonya" pillow-toys and have collected 5622 roubles in donations. So we are going ahead with buying the construction materials. On Monday we received 196 of 150x25 mm boards for the upper floor construction.

We have launched a fundraiser
February 17th, 2019

Buy a pillow cow and take part in a charitable project "Construction of an all season open shed for cows".

Taking care of cows is a special boon. Fortune comes into the life of people who take care of cows. The pillow cow will remind you of a good deed and fill your heart with warmth in special moments. Read more...

January 25th, 2019
The "Planet of the cows" Eco-farm is recruiting volunteers!
We are maintaining our social media profiles and trying to make our life public. We are offering you to come to our farm as a volunteer and take on a part of a journalist.
What will you have to do? Write texts for the news section, articles, descriptions of the existing technologies in farming and cow care. Make photos and films about the life of the farm, of separate events and technological processes, of cows, calves and bulls. Organize broadcasts in VK Live and on Instagram.
This service is a great opportunity to immerse yourself into the life of the farm, gaining hands on experience and inspiration!
You can always continue your service remotely in online projects of the "Planet of the Cows" Eco-farm. Contact person: Olga Schepetilnikova+7 938 477 70 50.
January 24th, 2019
People write poems about us
I'm here on the farm again…

Let winter rage and rage in vain –

My heart is warm and full of light,

As dear windows radiate delight.

January 7th, 2019
Addition to the family of the Planet of the house
On Christmas night the family of the Planet of the cows eco-farm increased their membership. The cow Lashmi had a baby she-calf. A jolly little cow was named Visvajanani – that is one of Lakshmi's names which means Mother of the Universe. The next morning the she-calf was already running around the cowshed and frolicking.
December 7th, 2018
Installation of the garage roof has been completed.
Thanks to our hard work and the help of volunteers in a short time we have managed to build a roof over a utility room for tractors and a water well. The danger of the water supply being interrupted due to the freezing of the water supply pipe has been eliminated. The tractors are going to carry on functioning normally throughout the winter.
A new water well with drinking water
December 5th, 2018

There's a new well with drinking water on the farm now. It's a good news, now all the buildings on the farm have crystal-clear drinking water!
VEGMART in Moscow
November 29th, 2018

Dear friends, last weekend we participated in VEGMART festival at Zolotoy Vavilon shopping center. We got a lot of positive vibes from associating with good people and we want to share them with you!
At the festival our volunteers were approached by a family who also live in a settlement. They became inspired with our message. And soon the father started bringing his friends to our exhibition stand and telling them about the Planet of the Cows project! Also, we were approached by a girl who is engaged in advertising and is interested in animal protection. She promised to post on Facebook and tell her friends about us. A married couple also came to our stand and shared with us that they want to start their own farm for cow saving in localities near Moscow, and made a generous donation. Another man donated 1000 and said that he is dreaming of having a farm like ours and he will definitely contact the owners of the Planet of the cows.
We are very grateful to our volunteers for their love and such a sincere service. You can always join the team and have an unforgettable experience in our warm family atmosphere.
Fitting out the cowshed
November 27th, 2018

We are fitting out the cowshed, now the cows will have their own places and they will be able to settle down comfortably while being milked, not disturbing the other cows and hand milkers.
Garage reconstruction (report)
November 5th, 2018

The renovation is going ahead. The slopes and the ceiling of the garage have been insulated. To keep the snow from getting in at winter time, a wind protecting film has been installed at the side
Likeminded ones on a visit
October 29th, 2018

Recently we have been visited by travelers – 15 cows and calves and a big St. Bernard dog. They are moving to Krasnodar in a big close-knit family. To have some rest they stopped at our place. We happen to host different guests! Thank you all for visiting us.
So all of us passed the night, fed the cows, had some rest! And our guests set off on their journey again.
For our guests, like for us, cows are a real value.
It's always nice to meet likeminded people!

Meeting with friends in Moscow
On October 13th, 2018 in Moscow there was a meeting with friends, cow guardians and people who help the "Planet of the cows" farm. It took place at the "Matchless gifts" café in a warm friendly atmosphere. Around 30 guests were present and we tried to bring everyone presents: condensed milk, clarified butter, a stuffed toy (a cow), a book by Vladimir Sleptsov named "Spiritual discourses".

Thank you that you are with us!
September 21st, 2018
The hay supplies have reached 80% of the required amount
This year we were pondering over what would be more sensible – to buy the equipment for hay collection or to purchase the hay for feeding our cows? The Ministry for Economics of Omsk Region launched a wonderful project for refunding the subsidies for buying farming machinery. We have decided upon purchasing the farming equipment. Thus, we have not acquired the fish but the fishing rod.

This year, having only 1 small field of 8 Ha (which gave us 60 rolls with the help of KM-bacteria), we have produced 50% of hay using our own resources. We started small. At first, we signed on for jobs on other people's fields and gained some experience in a business that was new for us. Next year we are renting around 200 Ha and are planning to cover 100% of our needs in hay.
September 18th, 2018
Night tomatoes or when do they say there're going to be freezing temperatures in Siberia?
In Siberia, where the eco-farm "Planet of the Cows" is situated, the summer is short and quite cool, especially this year. And freezing weather sets in fast…That's why we first wait for the yield to ripen and then we harvest it in a flash, so that it doesn't get frozen. Sometimes harvesting goes on till late at night. First we harvest tomatoes, pumpkins, all the gourds and heat-loving plants such as eggplants and bell peppers.
Potherbs usually survive through the first freezing temperatures, and we usually harvest root vegetables such as beet-root and carrots later, when the cold temperatures stabilize.

Installation of the garage roof
September 15th, 2018
You may remember that we had a fire in winter. A building that is very important for winter times burnt down – an insulated tractor garage along with a hydraulic unit. The freezing temperatures are coming, so we have started to reconstruct the burnt-out building. First we have to insulate the walls and build the roof. Thanks to numerous helpers that came over for their weekends from the city we have completed a great amount of work. Thanks to all of you!
September 14th, 2018
In early June we were all planting the pumpkins together. Now it is September and it's high time to reap the harvest!
September 5th, 2018
Making a film

We are often asked how to make cheese, curd, sweets from milk, so we had an idea to make a film. By watching this film you'll find out how to make a whole set of milk products for the whole family out of 10 liters of milk by spending just 2 hours a week.
On August 29th, 2018 we participated in a monthly VegMart festival
On the last weekends of the passing month we took part in a monthly festival VegMart at the already well-loved Artplay venue.
We were approached by many people. The guests of the festival showed enthusiasm, took interest in the project, made donations and were happy that such a farm as the "Planet of the Cows" exits.

August 7th 2018
Honey paradise

The bees at the Planet of the Cows are working really hard, so that all the guests and dwellers could taste the freshest honey.

Come and visit! Now you can also taste our honey.

August 6th, 2018
Monthly VegMart festival
A monthly VegMart festival that took place in Moscow on July 28th and 29thand where we participated was a success for us. The festival was carried out on a popular creative ART PLAY venue. Nice weather and atmosphere were also a delight).

Our neighbors at our stand were young herbalist women. They got very inspired upon hearing about the cows and enrolled in our service! They started telling people about cow protection, too, covered for us at the stand when we needed to step away and gave us the possibility to have some rest from time to time. At such moments a deeper realization comes of how a principle of collective service works. How people's hearts become softer and a real desire to sincerely unconditionally help and serve others emerges. Thanks to that our enthusiasm is growing and we are getting a stronger impulse to go on! We are grateful to our volunteers for their enthusiasm and stable service in our delightful mission.

You can always join our team and become a member of our Planet of the Cows family.
August 5th, 2018
A new table for guests
We have been dreaming about making a big table for a big family for a long time already. And now this dream has been fulfilled!!!

Come and visit us for lunch!
August 2nd, 2018
We've started mowing
On the "Planet of the Cows" eco-farm the hay time has come. We are preparing hay for the winter. For the cows to be well-fed during the winter we need 600 rolls of hay and 300 rolls of straw. Prior this year we had to purchase feeding-stuffs, but after buying a new tractor, a grass-mowing machine and a baler we can make most of the hay ourselves. In the future we are going to stop purchasing hay altogether, and in the meantime we are exploring the details of working with the new equipment.
August 1st, 2018
Planet of the Cows got new work clothes with the eco-farm's insignia
An interesting story – about a year ago one of our friends asked us to make good-looking trademark work clothes for all the volunteers and dwellers of the farm. We have been pondering over this idea for a long time, eyeing up, picking, but the price has always frightened us (to be honest). But despite all the obstacles the "Planet of the cows" acquired another sponsor and well-wisher who volunteered to pay for the work clothes. And once again we were picking…searching…feeling anxious…
Here's what got out of this: comfortable, practical, beautiful and stylish work clothes with the "Planet of the Cows" eco-farm insignia. Thanks to everyone participating in the process of preparation and purchasing! Our obeisances to all of you!!!

July 31st, 2018
Dear old Doctor Powderpill
From the very beginning of the Planet of the Cows project a vet Nadezhda has been helping us to treat cows, bulls and calves. She is available for call day and night, her compassion knows no boundaries. Sometimes she visits our farm and conducts complex surgeries – oblivious of being in the field conditions.
Our obeisances to you, Nadezhda!
Of course, we are dreaming of having our own surgery one day, so that we could provide the living beings that live on the "Planet of the cows" eco-farm with high-quality and in time treatment and share our experience in this field with everyone.
July 17th, 2018
Start of the harvesting season on the Planet of the Cows eco-farm
Compost reactor is not a myth!
Bioreactor gives hot water. The process is based on the cow manure pyrolysis.
Oh yes, it's not a joke! Vladimir Platov shares with you how compost reactor provides hot water.

July 1st 2018
Natalia Talisman, head of the "Center for sustainable development of the rural areas of Omsk Region" project, along with her husband Evgeniy Rudnev, have visited the Planet of the Cows eco-farm.
The guests arrived with presents, which is always pleasant, and shared their experience of developing rural territories. Nataliya and Evgeniy told us a lot of interesting and useful things. And Vladimir Platov, head of the Planet of the Cows eco-farm, told them about the achievements and experience in farming and cow care.

Natalia Talisman, head of the "Center for sustainable development of the rural areas of Omsk Region" project, and her husband Evgeniy Rudnev, an entrepreneur, are visiting the Planet of the Cows eco-farm
Weekdays of a cowherd
Our cowherd Dmitriy is talking about his day in the field with the cows.
May 20th, 2018
The happy owners of the gifts from the Planet of the Cows eco-farm
The happy owners of the gifts from the Planet of the Cows eco-farm
Do you remember us launching a promo action at our birthday?
We just leave these flamboyant girls here, enjoy the view!
You are too late? Missed it? Didn't know? Don't worry. Follow the news and next time you will be the lucky ones!!

May 7th, 2018
500 meters of the fence for the cows in 2 days
It's not a joke! And if Vladimir Sleptsov has come for help – the success is guaranteed!

On May 7th we were visited by the attendees of the men's retreat that Vladimir Sleptsov is holding. The weather couldn't be called nice. But regardless of this fact the men participated in constructing the fence that is 500 meters long…

Compost reactor
This reactor will provide the tent camp with free hot water and the vegetable gardens – with warm water.
Everyone interested can participate in this interesting process, gain some unusual experience and – what's more important – see this miracle with their own eyes. Compost heater was invented by a French farmer Jean Pain in 1970. The heat that this reactor generates is enough to produce the hot water throughout a year. Visit us on May 5th, we start at 11 am, if you have any questions call +7 (960) 985 86 07.
April 27th, 2018
Our farm is celebrating its 2nd birthday on April 27th, 2018. We are very happy that each one of you is with us… Thanks to you we are saving cows, bulls and calves and are making them happy! And also restoring soils, growing vegetables and reconstructing village life, by developing traditions that help us live happily with cows on a farm! Visit us on May 5th, we start at 11 am, if you have any questions dial +7 (960) 985 86 07.
April 21st, 2018
Our team
Teamwork brings people together, helps understand each other better and complete difficult tasks in no time! Visit us on May 5th, we start at 11 am, if you have any questions dial +7 (960) 985 86 07.