Planet of the cows
A place where all the living beings are happy
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The "Planet of the cows" Eco-farm offers everyone a unique opportunity to take care of cows. You can choose any free cow and become her guardian each month paying the costs for her keeping and maintenance. You can also come to the farm as a volunteer and simply feed the cows.
Why are the cows at the farm really happy?
Only hand milking
Automated milking causes cows diseases
Keeping cows within a family
Cows, calves and bulls graze in a field together because they are happier this way
Cows are protected
Cows, their calves, and bulls are brought up and looked after with love throughout the whole natural cycle of their lives
No tethering
Cows can roam freely about the cowshed and corral and graze in the fields during summer
Balanced feeding
Without any hormones and other harmful additives used to increase milk yields
Harmonious care
The people that are taking care of cows, cooking and processing milk have all been carefully selected
What has already been done
for the 4 years that the farm exists
happy cows
calves have been born
cows have guardians
Let's take care of the cows together
What can you do?
Come and stay on the farm for some time and make a personal contribution to the cow care
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Pay for the expenses for the hay, straw, feed-stuff for the cows and their calves
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Become a cow or a calf guardian. All that is necessary is to pay for the feeding, healing and keeping of the chosen cow. We'll do the rest.
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By purchasing a pillow-toy "Munya", you contribute to the care of the cows. All proceeds go to support the project eco-farm "Planet of the Cows"
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Feed the cows
How to feed the cows?
You can defray part of the expenses for buying hay, straw and feed-stuff for the cows and their calves. To do that, choose the option that suits you better.
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Payment method
become a volunteer
What does it mean to become a volunteer?
You can come and help our team to take care of the cows: herd, feed, milk the cows, muck out, take part in the construction or look after the permaculture garden. All the volunteers are provided with free food and accommodation.
To become a volunteer fill in the form
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become a guardian
What does it mean to become a guardian?
It's very difficult to take good care of a cow if you live in a city. It takes a lot of work and effort. The "Planet of the cows" Eco-farm offers you to become a guardian of a cow or a calf. All that's needed is to defray the expenses for feeding, healing and keeping of a cow that you've chosen. We'll do the rest. You pick a cow yourself as well as the period of guardianship that suits you, and the cow will give all the blessings to you.
The donation for an adult cow is 5000 roubles per month and for the calf – 3000 roubles.
Cows that don't have a guardian yet
Was born on our farm on April 15th 2016. A very kind and jovial bull.
 5000 ₽/month
The master bull in the herd. He is 8 years old, and he weighs over 600 kg, but at the same time he's very much fond of affection.
5000 ₽/month
An adult cow of a calm, kind and peaceful nature. When being milked, can lovingly and affectionately lick everyone around her, including the milkman. Cows have long and rough tongues, but she's doing it with such affection, that everyone can feel this indescribable motherly love!
5000 ₽/month
The most serious cow in the herd. A mother of many calves that have become grown-ups already. She is one of the main cows. Gives a real hard time to a herdsman when she sets her mind on something – sees the goal, not the obstacles… At the same time she is very devoted to her cow-friends and always protects them.
5000 ₽/month
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The name of the cow you want to take care of
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