Vaishnava magazine of cow protection and agriculture
A short summary of the magazine
Goloka is the first magazine about cow and land protection and community development. This bilingual quarterly publication aims to make the need of protecting cows and land understandable for the entire Vaishnava society, to convey the mood of Srila Prabhupada to readers and to contribute to the implementation of the second part of his mission - the development of varnasrama-dharma. The editors of the magazine want to draw the attention of Vaishnavas to the cow as an integral part of the Vedic culture of goodness and to serving the cow as one of the best forms of serving the Lord, as well as to show her irreplaceable role in the revival of spirituality on earth. This publication contains a wealth of practical information about cows, pure products, a pure way of living on earth, and the development of agricultural communities. The magazine contains lecture materials and interviews with senior devotees and spiritual teachers, as well as experts in various fields, such as jurisprudence, veterinary medicine, Ayurveda and agriculture. It will be very useful to everyone who has ever wanted to live on earth, protect cows and help Shrila Prabhupada in the mission of establishing varnasrama-dharma.
A word to the reader
Hare Krishna, dear vaishnavas!

Please accept obeisances from all the devotees that take care of cows and have dedicated their lives to the protection
of these innocent creatures.
Our desire is to share Shrila Prabhupada's spirit with everyone, in such a way that it would inspire people to save cows. We are issuing this magazine, so that devotees from different countries could see the practical deeds of the vaishnavas who are saving cows and giving them a sense of belonging to God's family.
Just like different organizations protecting those species of animals and birds that are rare and dying out, cow protection movement should claim its position in the global social environment. We are striving to establish a similar association which would protect cows. Expressly the cows! Since these animals are the most precious contribution of God to this world.
So our goal is to start taking the first steps towards the time when people
of the whole world will value the cows, and stop seeing them as the source providing us with their flesh or milk. We should treat the cow as a living being that also has a soul and desires; after all, she also wants to be happy.
We need to take this human culture to a higher level than it is on at the moment. That is the goal of this magazine. It will get the following message across: all the creatures are children of God. And all the people who have compassion in their hearts can contribute to this pious deed for the benefit of the whole world!
Let there be peace in the hearts of all people, and let positive changes take place in the world. Hare Krishna!

Valmiki das
What's in the magazine?
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Vaishnava communities, farms, news, advice on veterinary science, cheese recipe, legal issues and more
Magazine "Goloka"
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The magazine gives inspiration and highlights the pressing issues of protecting cows and farming. If you want to learn more about Vaishnava communities, cow protection, organic farming, farmers' successful experience, legal intricacies, etc., then Goloka magazine is for you. Each edition contains both Russian and English versions. The magazine is published every 6 months.
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