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Come to the Planet of Cows for holiday
About the project
Within the framework of the agriculture development project, the Planet of Cows eco-farm is planning to build 12 small cosy houses.
And we are happy to tell you that the first of the guest houses has been finished and is ready to be occupied. There's everything in the house for a comfortable stay and lovely rest.
You will get
the following is included in the price:
The certificate is valid for two years. You can stay in one of the houses for two weeks per year.
We will meet you at the Omsk airport or at the railway station – or pay for your taxi.
Possibility to come with the close ones
One house is for two people – you don't have to pay for the second person. Small children can also stay with you for free.
We offer vegetarian meals two times a day (breakfast and lunch), as well as milk during the morning and evening milking. The houses are also equipped with a small kitchen where you can cook for yourself.
Diving into the life of the eco-farm
If you want, you can immerse yourself in the true village atmosphere: become a cowherd man/girl or milk cows, help in the garden or at the milk kitchen, fix the machines or help with the construction – all the things that real farmers do.
Tired of working? You can simply laze around in a hammock.
How does the house look like?
The house for volunteers is 6х4 m and has everything necessary for a comfortable stay
A cooker, a kettle, a fridge and all the necessary kitchen utensils are at your disposal.
Place for working
There's a desk and free wi-fi in the house.
Place for sleeping
The house has a double bed. If there are extra guests or children, a floding bed can be arranged.
A shower with hot water, a sink, and a toilet bowl.
Layout of the house
Rent a house on the Planet of Cows eco-farm
The house is for the stay for two people or a family with a small child. You will spend an unforgettable holiday in a lovely atmosphere. If you change your mind, we will give your money back.
here you can find answers to frequently asked questions
How many people I can take with me?
The house is for the comfortable stay of two people, but you can take one or two children with you. We can provide you with an additional matrass or a folding bed.
How many houses have already been built?
The programm was launched on the 1st of July, 2020. At the moment, one house has been built.
If I change my mind will I get my money back?
We guarantee 100% return of the money before the date of your first arrival.
    Can I give a holiday on the farm as a gift?
    Yes, you can give a certificate as a present to your close ones. To do that, tell our manager about it at the time you are booking the house, so that that we can prepare the certificate.
    Is there Internet and phone connection on the farm?
    The Planet of Cows eco-farm is 20 km away from the city of Omsk. The moble signal of all the operators on the farm is stable. You can have 4G Beeline signal outside, other operators provide 2G and 3G. There's free Wi-Fi in each house.
    Are there any limitations for the guests?
    The Planet of Cows eco-farm is a charity project aimed at taking care of cows. All the participants are vegetarians, that is why we expect our guests to share our values. It is forbidden to cook dishes of meat, fish and eggs. Smoking and drinking alcohol are also not allowed on the farm.
    Are there any questions left?
    Volunteer of the Planet of Cows eco-farm project