Planet of cows
A place where all the living beings are happy
A little bit of history
How we became farmers
It is no longer a secret that if we create harmonious environment around us, everyone starts responding to it and helping us do the right thing. That's what happened to us and the Planet of the Cows Eco-farm. We had been living as a family in Volgograd city and listening to lectures of a famous writer Alexander Khakimov about the laws of happy life and self-realization. We became vegetarians and took up yoga. Later we met Vladimir Sleptsov, a disciple of Alexander Khakimov, a famous traveler and an expert in Eastern philosophy, who told us how important it is, both for spiritual and physical health, to live in the natural environment and take care of cows. We had always liked a healthy lifestyle as well as living in the natural environment…
This is how the first charitable project for cow protection – the Planet of cows eco-farm – came into being.

Thanks to the help of some caring people, in a short time we have managed to create a family-type eco-farm that is unique for Russia. And we have a big family: volunteers, helpers, guests (many of them are vegetarians, vegans or even more than that) – all of us are like one big family. On our farm we explore different areas of activity, one of them being agritourism – we love inviting guests, sharing our knowledge, experience and insights with others, and of course we learn something new ourselves.
Living on a farm is not a joke, especially for urban dwellers. We do not use chemicals while growing plants and while looking after the animals. We are trying to treat everything that nature gives us with great care, taking maximum advantage of the innovations, yet not forgetting the old technologies of farming and cow care that have been tested by time.